Financial Information

Please contact your insurance provider directly for a better understanding of your health insurance coverage details.

If you have questions regarding your bill or you would like to discuss payment options, please contact the billing office.

Midlands Behavioral Health Hospital is a newly-constructed 64-bed inpatient psychiatric hospital, offering services based on principles of milieu therapy, in a safe, supportive and secure environment. 

We currently accept Medicare, Medicaid, and most major commercial and Medicare Advantage insurance. While it is extremely important for you to work with your insurance provider to make sure you understand the details of your health insurance coverage, our admissions professionals will also attempt to verify your health insurance benefits based on the information provided or available at the time of your admission.

The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services requires hospitals to provide a listing of standard charges and shoppable services, which are updated annually and linked below.

For more information about your potential out-of-pocket costs, please contact your insurance provider prior to receiving care. Please contact our billing office at 803-971-4210 to discuss any questions or to review payment options.

What is my payment responsibility?

You may be responsible for paying a deductible for any services provided during your hospital stay. Deductible amounts vary based on the insurance plan.

Once the deductible is met, the insurance provider may also designate a co-payment amount you will be responsible to pay. For example, on a $6,000 bill, your deductible might be $1,400, so you would have to pay the first $1,400. This leaves a balance of $4,600, of which your co-payment might be 20 percent. This means you would have to pay an additional $920 (20 percent) before your insurance would cover the rest of the cost.

Who bills my insurance company?

We will bill both your primary and secondary (if applicable) insurance providers. It is important that you verify the insurance information we have on file at the time of admission so we can ensure timely and proper processing of your insurance payment.

How will I know how much I owe?

You will receive an explanation of benefits (EOB) notice from your insurance provider. The EOB details the amount the insurance provider has paid, including any deductible or co-payment. Please review the EOB carefully and call your insurance provider or our billing office if you have questions. You will also receive a monthly billing statement from the hospital detailing the amount not covered by your insurance provider that is due to the hospital.

Will I receive other bills?

In addition to the bill you receive from the hospital, you may receive bills from other physicians or specialists who cared for you during your hospital stay. Please contact their offices directly if you have questions concerning their bills.

What if I have questions or need help paying my bill?

Please contact our billing office at 803-971-4210 to discuss any questions or to review payment options.